It’s been.. 4 years now and I still have not met the boys nor took a picture with them. Will 2014 be the year? lololol I think not.



Jesus bless this gif like lawt
When thirsty guys be like “Ayo ma lemme get yo number”







water is wet

the sun is hot

leaves are green

Air is everywhere

90% of the straight male population are fucking disappointing. They’d rather have one night of mediocre sex with a girl they don’t even give a fuck about than have a relationship with a woman who’ll hold them down till the end.

This is literally disgusting and the fact some men even think like this make me wonder how the hell they’d raise their future sons to think; to treat women like sex toys and disregard they are in fact humans, too. Women aren’t perfect. Women cheat, too. But to blatantly acknowledge the fact you aren’t shit and will never be shit makes me see you as a little ass boy who never wants to grow up.

Dear Princeton a.k.a kidswithafros, 
Princeton today is your 18th Birthday and I just wanted to say I love you. You are an amazing person and I will always support you no matter what. I’ve been doing that since I was like 10. Ha. You inspire me to become a better person. Not just for anyone else, but for me. I love all the little things about you like how you smile when you talk, or when you hear or think of something inappropriate and laugh at it or joke about it. I love when you share your feelings in tweets or on your tumblr. I can relate and I like how I can relate to you on a variety of things. Sometimes when your sad I wish you would notice me so I can try to cheer you up. I hate seeing anybody sad, especially someone I care about. I know this sounds really weird coming from like a fan and I know you couldn’t care less about me, but yeah, I care about you still. I find it stupid how I can care about someone who doesn’t even care about me but yeah I am stupid for acknowledging that and still doing it. You’re amazing in pretty much everyway. You seem like such a great friend and family member. You probably are. Your passion for the things and people you love is incredible. I remember when you were tiny, and you looked so nervous and tense in interviews. You would smile like really hard and it was super adorbale. Now you’re just so used to it like it is nothing. By what I’ve seen on camera, you have a lot more confidence now than back then (even though you had confidence back then, you just have more now.) You were so sweet when I met you, and you probably thought I was a really weird fan that doesn’t know what to do with herself. lol. Sorry I’m just a mess around you idk why. You slay most of these kids out here that hate on you and that’s fucking amazing (excuse my little cuss word.) Anyways, this letter is starting to get long but here are just some of the things I love about you and I just want you to have an amazing becoming legal day. I love you! asklfhdksajfd. So does your fanbase too seriously they are just sending you birthday wishes left and right. But yeah, you’re amazing, and have a happy birthday boo. 
                                             With Much Love, destructivemisfits.

Roc: gratatata 😂